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Opening Hours : E - R 9:00 kuni 17:00
  Contact : +372 631 5441, +372 509 3547

Dr. Anastassia Limbert

Dr Anastassia Limbert performs adult dentistry, root canal treatment, surgery, laser treatment, prosthodontics and children’s dentistry.

  • Dr Anastassia Limbert graduated the programme of stomatology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tartu in 2007.
  • She has improved her knowledge on various training sessions in Estonia and abroad.
  • She has been awarded the certificate of competency issued by the Estonian Dental Association, which certifies that she has improved her knowledge over the last five years in the extent of at least 150 academic hours.
  • Dr Limber volunteers in the Estonian Health Insurance Fund’s project promoting oral health – the health of children’s teeth.
  • Dr Anastassia Limbert is a member of the Estonian Dental Association.

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email: dr.limbert[at]