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Opening Hours : E - R 9:00 kuni 17:00
  Contact : +372 631 5441, +372 509 3547

Studio Dental Care


Clinic is dedicated to providing exceptional dental care to all our patients. We always strive for the best results possible, and are always trying to deliver the type of service that makes our patients smile!

Studio Dental Care has serviced patients on the 25th floor of the Hotel Olümpia for about ten years, and it is the new name of Kose Hambaravi OÜ, who has had nearly 20 years of experience. The name change signifies concentration of the entire medical centre on just one company.

History of Studio Dental Care from 1997

Kose Hambaravi OÜ, founded in 1997, started with 2 doctors and 2 nurses, of who Dr. Matšenas and nurse P. Kukats are still with the company.

In 1998, we started the construction of a medical office with three work places in Kose, Harjumaa, which services the patients to this day.

At the beginning of 1999, we started renovating the office in Ardu, Harjumaa. We purchased an additional medical chair.

In 2002, we left Ardu.

In 2003, we opened an office with 1 work place on the 25th floor of the Hotel Olümpia. At the time, the company employed 6 people – 3 doctors and 3 nurses.

The Olümpia office has continued to expand and now, along with Kose office, we employ 8 doctors. 5 nurses assist the doctors. There is 1 full-time administrator and 2 part-time assistants.

Since 2006, the company has 2 offices in the Hotel Olümpia and in autumn 2012 the third office will also begin operating.
Among other things, we have purchased an intraoral camera, digital X-ray, whitening and soft tissue lasers, equipment and devices necessary for placing Nobel Biocare implant system, modern autoclaves – everything necessary for contemporary quality work.

Since 1 May 2012, the entire medical centre on the 25th floor of the Hotel Olümpia belongs to Kose Hambaravi OÜ and carries the patented business name STUDIO DENTAL CARE.

We invite your entire family for treatment, because we offer our patients a range of services from free dental treatment for children to complete solutions and top aesthetics for adults.

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