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Dental Bridge

When should a dental bridge be applied?Sild

Dental bridges are used to replace a missing tooth with a substitute that is supported on neighbouring teeth. To prepare a dental bridge, the neighbouring teeth must be polished and bound together with a unitary structure in order for them to carry the replacement for the missing tooth.


  • In the event that neighbouring teeth are also damaged or they must be improved aesthetically;
  • The patient cannot have an implant.

What should be taken into account with respect to dental bridges?

Because dental bridges are structures joining two crowns, they have the same nuances that dental crowns do.

In the event of dental bridges, however, the small gap that remains underneath the restored tooth that may start collecting food should be taken into consideration. Supporting teeth also carry more strain, because they are blocked together and cannot function as required physiologically. This causes a greater risk for problems with supporting teeth.

If at all possible, each tooth should be restored separately, i.e. an implant should be applied for each defect.

The price of dental bridges depends on the number of dental crowns applied for the bridge.

You can find the price list for dental crowns HERE