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Opening Hours : E - R 9:00 kuni 17:00
  Contact : +372 631 5441, +372 509 3547

Emmelle mouthwash

Emmelle suuvesiEmmelle mouthwash refreshes breath and successfully stops acid attacks.

Emmelle mouthwash contains xylitol and fluorine. Xylitol helps to prevent acid attacks, and fluorine strengthens dental enamel. Emmelle mouthwash should be used in the morning and in the evening after brushing teeth. It’s also recommended to use Emmelle mouthwash after every meal, because PH level in the mouth rises after eating and using a toothbrush is even damaging.

The soft Emmelle mouthwash does not contain alcohol, making it suitable for children as well.

  • Using dental care products that contain xylitol regularly decreases the activity of harmful bacteria in the mouth;
  • Xylitol prevents bacteria that cause caries from sticking to the surface of teeth;
  • For the health of your teeth and oral cavity!

For the health of your teeth and oral cavity!