ION-Sei toothbrush

Ion sei

Superpower Your Teeth / Superpower Your Life

The electric conductor handle’s integrated ultraviolet light and titanium bar reacts to generate photocatalysis, an electric reaction that tames tooth-decaying bacteria.ion sei meilist

Go beyond sonic and give you and your loved ones a superior clean using state-of-the-art ionic technology.

How negative ions clean your teeth?

1. Ionic-Coating

The surfaces of your teeth will be safely coated with negative ions when you brush your teeth with our ionic electric toothbrush. This naturally repels the negatively-charged S.mutans and prevents them from adhering to the surface of your teeth. Think of two magnets that repel each other when their negatively charged poles are placed in proximity. This “ionic protection” is harmless, and it does not require chemicals like fluoride typically found in other dental hygiene products.

2. Easy Plaque Removal

Our electric toothbrush generates highly unstable negative ions through photocatalytic reaction and body circuit flow. In an effort to stabilize their molecules, negative ions seek out to adhere to the molecules of plaque build-up. The negative ions will even get in between the crevices of your teeth and inside your gum pockets, destabilizing the attraction between plaque and teeth. This reaction weakens the plaque attachment to teeth, allowing for effortless removal when combined with gentle brushing.


How negative ions are generated?

When the ION-Sei ionic technology toothbrush is active, it generates negative ions from two areas: 1. The conductor panel on the handle where it’s held and 2. A titanium dioxide bar placed inside the neck area where it touches the UV LED light. These negative ions have a highly unstable nature due to their unpaired electrons. As a result, they seek out and take electrons from plaque and bacteria molecules, thereby making those molecules unstable and easily removed.


Clinically Proven

Photocatalysis has been clinically proven to have an antibacterial effect against plaque-causing bacteria such as streptococcus mutans. Experts proved using a toothbrush equipped with a Titanium Oxide (TiO2) semiconductor removes plaque with a chemical reaction. Consistent brushing reversed the charge found on the surface of teeth. When compared to other versions, successful results showed longer-lasting plaque removal by physical function and chemical reaction.