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Opening Hours : E - R 9:00 kuni 17:00
  Contact : +372 631 5441, +372 509 3547

RetarDex oral care range

retardexRetarDEX is a product range for patients with problematic breath. The active ingredient chlorine dioxide effectively prevents formation of sulphur compounds that result in bad breath.

RetarDEX does not conceal bad breath, it removes its cause. RetarDEX product range includes oral rinse, toothpaste, mouthwash, and oral hygiene product Oolitt tongue cleaner.

The rinses do not contain alcohol, colourants, or sugar. The oral rinse is unflavoured, but if desired, fresh peppermint can be added from the flavour sachet that comes with the product.

The cleanliness of tongue and teeth gaps is an important part of oral hygiene. The tongue cleaner naturally refreshes breath, because it removes bacteria lodged deep in the tongue grooves. The tongue cleaner also opens the pores on the surface of the tongue and then saliva can remove compounds accumulating on the tongue that cause bad breath. The tongue cleaner Oolitt is suitable for both children and adults, but it is especially necessary for smokers.

You can read more about the products in the RetarDEX range on the RetarDEX web page HERE