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Inman Aligner

Inman Aligner is a new and modern device for correcting the positioning of teeth. The end result is a flawless row of teeth. There are two types of Aligners: the standard Aligner and an Aligner with a palatal expander. In addition to that, a so-called „invisible” Aligner is also used, which looks like a transparent mouthpiece. The latter type may be used in the final stages of treatment, for correcting minor defects or as a whitening mouthpiece. Together with our specialists, the most appropriate type is selected for the patient. The device may be used for individual treatment or before cosmetic dentistry (fitting laminates, lumineers, compomeers). The device functions as an intermediate step between dentistry and orthodontics, which incorporates the strong points of both.

iman alignerThe benefits of Inman Aligner:

  • Results are achieved fast – usually within 6-18 weeks;
  • The orthodontic device is removable in the mouth;
  • Inman Aligner is easy to use and clean;
  • The products has an attractive appearance;
  • Can be used as a cheaper alternative to transparent braces;
  • Only one device is used throughout the entire treatment

How does Inman Aligner function?

Inman Aligner has two plastic arches that gently push the teeth into an even row as a result of mutual force. This gives you the perfect row of teeth.

Inman enne pärastWhat stages must be completed while using Inman Aligner?

1) Doctor’s consultation, during which teeth impressions and pictures are taken. The individual Inman Aligner is created based on these impressions;

2) The patient has the Inman Aligner fitted in his or her mouth and has the requirements of the best treatment introduced to him or her;

3) The patient is required to wear Inman Aligner for at least 16-20 hours a day. If the time of wearing the device is decreased, the duration of treatment increases;

4) The patient goes for a routine check-up at the dentist after every 2-3 weeks.In the event of orthodontic treatment, it is recommended to use the transparent night mouthpiece to preserve the results.