Beautiful smile – veneers and componeers

We recommend Veneers, Componeers to people who:

  • Have many fillings in that area.
  • Have teeth with significant change in colour.
  • Have smaller position changes in single teeth that for some reason cannot be corrected with orthodontic apparatuses.
  • If the patient is not happy with the length of his teeth – especially if the front teeth appear too short, veneers can be used to give up to 5 mm of extra length to the tooth. Teeth with uneven length or jagged edges can be evened out with veneers and lumineers.

Which solution is suitable for me?

More accented problems require a solution with VENEERS. The result is durable and aesthetically pleasing. The minus is prior work on the teeth, partial burnishing under the veneer. The part of the tooth that is closer to the palate remains as it is, but the visible surface and cutting edge are slightly worked on.
COMPONEER, new solution which was launched few years ago. It is a pre-fabricated composite veneer similar to lumineer that is permanently fixed on the tooth and coated with a light-curing substance during one visit. The result is quick and beautiful, cheaper and easily accessible especially to youngsters. As it is a composite, it stays in place much better than regular filling. At the same time, compared to vineers and lumineers, it ages faster and requires redoing in 6-7 years.

Fully-ceramic Veneers and Lumineers advantages:

  • They are easy to take care of: fully-ceramic surfaces do not capture stains, these are not discoloured by cigarette smoke, coffee, red wine, etc.
  • The result will surely be positive for the patient in terms of restoring teeth and preventing more significant erosion;they are durable;
    material is the most similar to the tooth.
  • The plates are shiny and smooth.We welcome you to our consultation to find the best solution for you.

Please find the price for Componeers HERE

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