Air-Flow teeth cleaning

Air-Flow or “pearl wash” for teeth removes soft deposits and dark stains caused over time. The procedure is painless, comfortable, and safe – it does not damage the dental enamel.

When and why shoud I do procedure?

  • If your mouth “feels thick” an hour and a half-two hours after brushing the teeth.
  • Your teeth have become darker, there are dark brown spots here and there.
  • And you have changed your toothbrush and toothpaste, but nothing helps, then your teeth require professional cleaning.

There are areas in the mouth that are difficult to access, and an adult should visit the dentist once a year on average and have their teeth cleaned by the professionals. For that we offer Air-Flow or jet washing with sodium carbonate – “dear child has many names”. Their process is one and the same – teeth are cleaned without touching the dental enamel with any metal instruments simply with compressed air, water, and special powder also in places that are difficult to access. If necessary, and having consulted the patient, teeth with harder deposits may also be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner.

Please find the prices for Air-Flow HERE