Anname teada hinnakirja muudatusest alates 13.03.2023

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Opening Hours : E - R 9:00 kuni 17:00
  Contact : +372 631 5441, +372 509 3547

Dentistry for adults

We help our adult patients with the following problems:

  • issues with hard tissue in teeth: caries, breaking of dental crowns, erosion defects, cracks, traumas, discolouring
  • (see also Laminates );
  • infections in the tooth cavity and its complications: nerve infection, root canal infection of different degrees (see also Root canal treatment);
  • changes in the tissue around the tooth: tartar, sinking of gums, gum infection and bleeding;
  • problems with mucous membrane: various painful and non-painful elements on the mucous membrane, smaller growths, “blemishes” on the mucous membrane that appear occasionally (see also Treatment of gum diseases);
  • surgical problems: removing teeth, removing partially or not yet converged wisdom teeth, surgeries of removing root tips, removing cysts, filling bone defects (see Oral surgery);
  • laser treatment of soft tissue: laser treatment of gum pockets for reducing infection, releasing wisdom teeth from gums, laser whitening of single darkened teeth, surgeries of tongue and lip ties (see also Laser treatment);
  • fitting implants and dental superstructures: fitting implanted roots and restoring oral cavity’s normal function (see also Implantology);
  • aesthetics: crowns, inlays, laminates, lumineers, componeers (see also Laminates);
  • laser whitening (see also Teeth whitening);
  • prosthetic works: in addition to crowns and implants, we also make dental bridges, removable partial and complete dental prostheses. Partial prostheses are either plastic or Bugel prostheses (see also Applying prosthetics);