Beautiful and affordable smile in a single procedure!

Modern dentistry offers multiple options to have a beautiful smile. The selection is wide: ceramic crowns, veneers, LUMINEERS – all these solutions are available but pricey.

Restoring your teeth with fillings is significantly cheaper but this won’t guarantee you a beautiful result. Over time, fillings become visible and need to be polished regularly and can also break off.

Componeers give you a beautiful smile at an affordable price.

What are Componeers?

Componeers are prefabricated nano-hybridcomposite enamel shells that are strong and extremely thin. Componeer shells are only 0.3 mm thick! Besides that, they do not contain any air bubbles that may occur between the layers of fillings during the ordinary teeth restoration. Shiny and naturally shaped surface ensures a beautiful smile.

When should you have Componeers installed?

  • Your front teeth have many fillings.
  • To cover restored teeth and give them natural shape.
  • To correct and straighten your teeth line.
  • To make your teeth shade whiter.
  • To improve the appearance of worn teeth.

How are Componeers installed?

Before installing componeers you are invited to a consultation at our specialist Dr. Julin.

The procedure of installation is carried out in a single visit at our clinic and it can take 2 to 4 hours, depending on the number of componeers. During the installation procedure the outer surface of your teeth is appropriately shaped in order to get the best result, and the shells are fixed unto the outer surface of your teeth with a filling material. Local anaesthesia is used and the old fillings are replaced, if necessary.

Price of a Componeer you will find HERE