Removable dentures

When should a removable denture be an option?

Plate denture is a plastic prosthesis prepared for temporary use during the healing period of implants or quickly restoring the chewing ability in the event of losing several teeth.

Plaat protees

What Should Be Taken Into Account Upon Preparing Plastic Dentures?

  • Removable dentures are more affordable, if many teeth are missing.
  • Restores all or majority of teeth.
  • Unfortunately causes stress on the mucous membrane and jawbone.
  • The roof of the upper denture is covered with a prosthetic and has a negative effect on the ability to food taste, temerature and texture. eating fish can be dangerous due to the inability to feel small bones;
  • High risk of breakage and developing fractures and breaks when falling.

When should a cast denture be applied? What should be taken into account and what to expect?



  • Cast denture on metal framework is stronger and more durable.
  • The base or main part is significantly smaller, which enables feeling one’s roof of the mouth and the area of lower incisors, more comfortable to use.
  • Because the dentures are supported on teeth with support clamps, the pressure on the mucous membrane and jawbone is smaller;
  • More expensive than plate denture.
  • More hygienic, easier to maintain.

When Should A Combined Denture Be Applied?

Combined dentures are easy to use, because the clamping elements are delicately a part of dental crowns as locks. The prosthetic itself is a bugel denture.

It requires very careful regular maintenance.

What should be taken into account with all removable dentures?

  • Dentures are artificial and made in laboratory. As good a they are, different then your own teeth.
  • Patients adjust very differently even with the best dentures. This will take a minimum of two weeks.
  • New dentures may require adjustment if it chafes the mucous membrane.
  • Regular check-up and filling in the denture bases by rebasing is essential.
  • Dentures must stay firmly in the mount. Any movement and unfastening requires immediate intervention by a doctor.
  • Oral hygiene and maintaining the dentures with special tools available from a pharmacy is again very important.

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