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When applying dentures, an entire tooth or part of the tooth is replaced using a substitute prepared in a dental laboratory. Materials and method of replacement are chosen by way of cooperation between the doctor and patient to resolve the problem in the most optimum and aesthetically pleasing way.

Dentures include:Panus

Non-removable dentures:

  • laminates
  • lumineers
  • dental crowns
  • inlays, onlays – deposits
  • dental bridges
  • implant crowns and bridges
  • post and core crowns

Removable dentures:

  • plastic prosthesis (the body of the dentures is made of plastic resembling the mucous membrane)
  • bugel prosthesis (the body of the dentures is made of cast metal and the parts supporting the teeth are made of plastic resembling the mucous membrane)
  • combined dentures (crowns and dentures with locks)

Because the oral system is a balanced unity, in order to achieve the durability of dentures, it is necessary to restore the opposing teeth and ensure an evenly distributed chewing. Subsequent hygiene and follow-up is essential. At intervals determined during the follow-up, clamps and other fixtures are checked and adjusted, if necessary the main part of the dentures is filled in with additional mass made of base material, depending on how the jawbone has developed over time.

Treatment stages:

1st appointment – 2nd appointment:

Necessary procedures are carried out upon an agreement with the patient either during the 1st or 2nd appointment.

  • Consultation, necessary tests (x-ray tests, if necessary localised pictures and/or orthopantomogram)
  • In case of non-removable dentures, preparing the tooth or teeth – if necessary, anaesthesia, polishing, slight removal of periodontitis; in case of implant, replacing healing screws with connecting elements intended for imprinting)
  • All prosthetics procedures require imprints of upper and lower jaw taken with an imprint spoon. Biting or the way one clenches one’s teeth is also determined with respective pulp.
  • Colour is chosen, the teeth and smile are photographed, if necessary.

If in case of major defects it is necessary to detail the new condition, diagnostic models or wax reconstruction are ordered from the laboratory.

If necessary, the polished part is restored with temporary crowns cemented with temporary cement.

3rd appointment:

  • Trying on dental crowns, bridges and removable dentures
  • In case of a few single crowns, the entire denture can be cemented in the mouth. Anaesthesia is often required.
  • Sometimes it is necessary to make additional imprints.

4th appointment:

In case of more complex dentures, they are tested once more, but most dentures can be installed during the 4th visit. Of course, both the doctor and patient have to be satisfied. This is confirmed by trying the dentures on before putting them in the mouth or fixing completely.

You can find the price list for dentures HERE