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When should laminates be applied?

Laminates are thin ceramic plates attached to the front teeth and first molars to improve the colour of teeth and slightly correct the positioning of teeth.

Used for:Laminaat

  • Correcting and evening out the size, shape and colour of teeth.

What should be taken into account with respect to laminates?

Dental laminates are attached to teeth using a thin adhesive layer.

  • Using teeth for activities that require increased pressure is not recommended without protection. For example, using your teeth to hold a scuba in your mouth, doing various sports that have a risk of injury.
  • Bruxism or grinding of teeth should also be taken into consideration.
  • It is also dangerous to react to different situations by clenching one’s teeth.
  • Ceramic plates can break.

Explanation: This is extremely rare situation when ceramic plates brake.  In this case, the patient should turn to the doctor that installed the implants, who will find a solution together with a laboratory.

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